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You’re going to love how BestRadio Brasil measures listenership, and we think you’ll like the studios too!

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What’s not to like about independent online station BestRadio Brasil in São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brasil?

The music is eclectic, the sound is distinct, and the studio is magnificent. BestRadio Brasil is using WheatNet-IP audio routing and control with an IP-12 digital audio console, which pulls double duty for live webcasts as well as for production purposes.

“We use this studio as a hybrid studio,” says David Jill, the station’s CEO and Program Director. It’s not uncommon to have live programming going on in the studio at the same time an operator is finishing up production. The IP-12 fits the studio’s busy, multi-prong workflow because of its size and IP routing.

The IP-12 feeds four audio IP channels directly into a recording computer for 100 percent digital operation throughout. David says the all-digital operation using WheatNet-IP audio networking makes all the difference in the quality of programming, which covers a wide spectrum of music, including eurodance, pop, rock, and R&B. The proof seems to be in the numbers: BestRadio Brasil netted 47 percent of the votes in the Top 2009 Web Radio survey and continues to rank among the top online stations in the region.

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