New AirAura 2.0 Manual Released!

AAManualCoverIt's new! It's HUGE! And it's jam-packed with information to help you get the most from your Wheatstone AirAura 2.0 Super Spectral Audio Processor!


I'm talking, of course, about the brand-new owner's manual Wheatstone's just released. Packed into less than six megabytes you'll find full explanations of the AirAura's controls and how to use them to make your station sound the way YOU need it to sound.

Also included are the documentation for the various GUI software, as well as a handy glossary of processing terminology to help the engineer, the GM, the owner, the PD, and the listeners all get on the same page.

Written by Jeff Keith and Mike Erickson, the Vorsis Gurus, this manual is the ultimate reference, and it's yours for a click.  You can find the new manual at the link below!

AirAura Owner's Manual

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