BLADE Runner: 1341 Days and Counting

BLADES Uptime_2560You see this shot of a working BLADE that has run for 1341 days straight? Incredible, right? Wheatstone “Minister of Algorithms” Steve Dove thought so, too, which is why he included it as one of his slide presentations during his NAB Broadcast Engineering session Undiscovered Country: The Audio is the Easy Bit.

He told the crowd that he couldn’t be sure, but he thought the shot was taken at a station in Tampa. Shortly thereafter, the BEC Session Chair confirmed that the station in question was indeed located in Tampa. In fact, Roswell Clark, the Director of Technical Operations for Cox Media Group in Tampa/Orlando who happened to be watching the presentation from the sidelines as the session’s chair, said he recognized the BLADE immediately as being one of his own and further commented that this BLADE probably would have gone on indefinitely racking up the days if not for a routine reboot some months back.

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