Digital MPX + RDS/SCA = Wheatstone Processors

baseband192RDS has been a good friend to radio. So has SCA. Which is why we couldn’t in good conscience exclude SCA and RDS from the digitized process.

Years ago when we considered the eventuality of MPX over AES between the processor and the FM exciter, we designed our audio processors with the unheard-of 192kHz sampled baseband to include all our friends: FM, RDS and SCA up to 67kHz carrier frequency.

What this means to our friends in broadcasting is a fully digital SCA and RDS, which translates to a lower noise floor and less cross talk between carriers. This is because you no longer have to bring SCA or RDS into the RF chain through the back door. No analog injection of the SCA or RDS carriers into the exciter, no scratchy analog trim pot to adjust. You can now package and digitize SCA and RDS along with the FM composite using our baseband192. With baseband192, the composite plus subcarrier frequencies come straight out of the AirAura X3, FM-531HD and VP-8IP audio processors into the FM exciter.

User feedback indicates that by digitizing the SCA and RDS, and thereby reducing the noise floor, there’s the potential for better RDS recovery at the receiver so that intermittent RDS issues could be reduced, if not eliminated altogether.




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