What's Inside a BLADE (part 2)



Each BLADE on the Intelligent Network is exceptionally powerful... but do you know about the incredible functionality inside EVERY BLADE?

By now, it’s a good bet you’re aware of the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. You know about its advantages - how it’s obsessively compulsive about redundancy. How it can repair itself, configure itself, run rings around the competition while still having much greater bandwidth (due to the WheatNet-IP system’s Gigabit Ethernet throughput) - enough, in fact, to not only handle our increased functionality today, but well into the future.

So we figured it’s time to let you know a little more about those boxes you plug into the Intelligent Network. The ones that contribute to its intelligence. They’re called BLADES and from inception have been far more advanced than any boxes on any other networks out there. Take a look and consider how you’d put all that to work in YOUR WheatNet-IP system.

INN7 Ultility Mixers

Two 8x2 Stereo Virtual Utility Mixers 

These can be used for a wide range of applications; for example, using Wheatstone’s ACI Automation Control Interface, your automation system can control the mix for satellite or local insertion switching.

INN7 Rubiks

Flexible GPI Logic

12 universal logic ports, programmable as inputs or outputs, routable throughout the entire system


INN7 PatchBay

Front Panel Routing Control

Any system source to any destination on that BLADE


INN7 AssyLine

ACI (Automation Control Interface)

An embedded interface for complete external control over IP for both the BLADE itself and its Utility Mixers

There’s a LOT more in each BLADE and next month we’ll continue the tour. In the meantime, click here to learn more!


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