Interesting Happenings in Zürich

ZurichOur Switzerland dealer, Markus Stocker with Media Engineering, reported in with news that Zürich youth radio station Radio 105 FM had been sold to the owner of Radio 1, Roger Schawinski. Within 36 hours, Media Engineering modified Radio 1’s Green Room to serve as a temporary studio for the new Radio 105 using, you guessed it, WheatNet-IP networking and our control surfaces.

“Everybody was working and singing ‘You can get it if you really want,’” commented Markus.

The new studio not only has the most sophisticated broadcasting mixer (an LX-24, of course) but also our new microphone voice processor, the M4-IP BLADE plus an Aura8-IP processing BLADE for processing telephone and headphone feeds.

A new, permanent studio for Radio 105 will be built within the next two months, and include professional acoustic and snow-white motorized studio furniture. At that time, the LX-24 surface will be integrated into the studio as a split-format mixing desk with four separate fader modules. “The provisional production studio is already used extensively, and it’s astonishing the pace at which the talent got used to the LX-24 working surface, an unknown to most of them,” said Markus, who sends his regards from Switzerland.

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