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EnvelopeWhen you work with some of the best in the industry, sometimes it's easy to forget why they're good at what they do. Then along comes a reminder, like this letter to our VP of Engineering Andy Calvanese from Steve Shultis, CTO, NY Public Radio in New York, about our own Mike Erickson during his recent visit to WNYC-AM.


I don't typically get the opportunity to send a note like this but I'm writing
to tell you aboutan absolutely GREAT customer support visit we had today from 
Mike Erickson.

First of all I should preface this by saying that 1) We didn't know each other 
prior to today, even though we each worked in the same market; and 2) Mike 
initiated the visit as an offer to upgrade the software on our units and field 
any questions about their operation. The latter point alone is telling about 
the unique level of support we experienced today.

Mike came in this morning to the TX site, established what was on the air and 
what was not, explained what he was going to do to upgrade the software on 
each processor and performed that work.

Then the fun began: he explained how to get the desired processing out of the
units, discovered and corrected at least two key engineering items on our side 
related to the feeds to the units and proceeded to work and show us how to 
achieve our desired results. At times, upon completion of key steps, he even 
invited us to listen to the signal in his car and then returned inside to make 
further adjustments.

When we were happy with the results, he even treated us to lunch and we returned 
when another host was on the air and made one more adjustment.

Andy, this was a thorough yet efficient and very enjoyable visit. It's not often 
when you meet someone whose avocation so perfectly matches their vocation - but 
when they do as witnessed today in Mike, it's a unique and wonderful and very 
productive experience for which we greatly benefited.

Hats off to Mike and Wheatstone!


Steve Shultis, CTO
NY Public Radio
160 Varick St., 7th Floor
New York, NY 10013

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