LX-24 Wins Cool Stuff Award

CoolStuff12_WebWheatstone is proud to announce that our all-new LX-24 modular IP control surface has won the Radio World Cool Stuff Award at NAB 2012. The presentation was made by Radio World editor Paul J. McLane at the Wheatstone booth on Thursday morning.


The LX-24 is an entirely new design, combining a sleek, low-profile, high-tech look with superior ergonomics. Featuring smooth Penny & Giles long-throw faders, high-resolution metering, positive-action switches with LED lighting and film labeling, and fully modular construction, the console has an impressive array of capabilities. It's designed specifically for use with the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network.

Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award-winning products are selected each year by a panel of radio broadcast engineers as notable for their design, features, cost efficiency and performance in serving radio broadcast users. The winners will be featured in Radio World, which is read by thousands of broadcast professionals in the United States, around the world and online.


Only a small number of products were chosen for the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Awards from among the hundreds, if not thousands, of new products on display at the convention.

For more information about the all-new LX-24, visit the product page.

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