M-1 Mic Processor Hams it Up

Amateur Radio Station NA6MWe get a lot of interesting emails at Wheatstone. But this one, addressed to Jay Tyler from ham operator Mark Stennett, NA6M, who also happens to be Vice President of Engineering for Univision Radio, was different.

It came with a cool audio clip of a ham operator in Barbados commenting on Mark’s signal resulting from his use of our M1 mic processor. Oddly enough, the guy who coded the M1 mic processor algorithm is a ham operator (our Minister of Algorithms himself, Steve Dove, W3EEE), as is our systems engineer Scott Johnson (KS3J), support engineer Mike Erickson (W1WHN) and our technician Stephanie Weil (KC2TJB).

Hola Jay,

Here is an audio clip of a contact I recently made with Barbados. I regularly get these types of comments about my transmit audio with the Vorsis M1. This contact was made on 7 MHz Single Sideband with the M1 and a Neumann TLM-103. The radio runs 1.5 kW.

Mark Stennett, NA6M

Here is the audio clip of the actual QSO (contact) for your listening pleasure:

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