Mt. Rushmore Has It. VP-8, That Is.

Mount Rushmore_VP-8
You've got to wonder. What do stations in Arbitron market 275 – the last ranked market in the United States in recent books – use for audio processing?

Virgil Mt. RushmoreWe can tell you what at least five stations in Casper, Wyoming, use for audio processing. In fact, all five stations owned by one of the few remaining mom and pop radio operations in the country, known as Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting, use one audio processor, the VP-8 Plus. You read that correctly. One audio processor for all five stations – which, by the way, broadcast a variety of formats, from talk to top country.

Why the VP-8 Plus? Because, according to Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting’s Engineering Director Virgil Scigla, the VP-8 Plus delivered the best sound of all the units they lined up and tested. (Thanks to our friends at BSW for arranging the demo.) “The Wheatstone VP-8 processor delivered the Cadillac sound we were looking for at a very reasonable cost. The range of preset audio formats is quite extensive for any music or talk format out there. The web-based interface makes these units just about plug-and-play out of the box. None of the other audio processors have such ease of setup. Plus modifying the preset audio settings is a breeze to custom set your format,” he said.


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