Q & A with Jay Tyler: Audioarts and Wheatstone

jay factoryQ: What's the difference between Audioarts and Wheatstone control surfaces and consoles?

A: Thanks for asking that question. It gives me the perfect opportunity to say, once again, that Audioarts manufactures and distributes more broadcast audio consoles than any other console brand in the U.S. We don't make nearly enough noise about that. But, to answer your question, the two console brands are very similar in many ways. Audioarts consoles go through the same quality manufacturing processes that Wheatstone consoles do. Same metal fabrication, same or similar process for board layout. They use the same components and same quality checks as Wheatstone radio and television consoles, although there are some additional steps that we do for our Wheatstone consoles like reverse screened acrylics for work surfaces and the highest grade P&G faders, which add to the manufacturing cost. The main difference is that Wheatstone surfaces are made to order, so they tend to be a little more customized than Audioarts consoles, which are routinely manufactured in our factory in New Bern. 

Jay Tyler is Wheatstone Corporation's Director of Sales.

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