Q & A with Dick Webb: Scripting

Dick WebbQ: A couple of broadcasters I know mentioned you can do “scripting” with the WheatNet-IP system. What is it, and how can I use it? 

A: Scripting is a very powerful feature of our WheatNet-IP system. Because everything connects over the Ethernet electrically, that means every device can see every other device, which opens up some opportunity to create your own scripts for controlling those devices. It’s a way of writing your own custom programs for your studio using a very simple framework that we developed specifically for this purpose. For example, I have a couple of scripting applications that I’ve developed over time that you can use and customize for your own purposes to follow scheduled events and set up automatic control of gear that’s plugged into the network. This can be useful for wholesale station reformatting, for example, or for switching between studios, and changing the settings on the audio processor when a certain mic turns on – all easily managed over a single CAT6 cable. 

Dick Webb, one of our very important in-house support technicians, is the go-to guy on anything related to scripting commands into the WheatNet-IP AoIP network.

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