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Wheatstone for radio

You know what they say about radio and silence. Right. So don’t even go there. At Wheatstone, we know you have one thing and one thing only that’s going to raise you above the din of today’s multimedia world. Your sound. If it’s just pictures you want, that’s not us. Wheatstone is all about audio. We process it, route it, and cue it up for you. We get it to do stuff that only radio can fully appreciate, starting with audio IP routing (AoIP) that thinks like you do and radio consoles that are the everyday workhorses of thousands of radio studios today. Cool consoles and mixers. Intelligent audio IP studio networking or TDM routing. AM and FM on-air processors that rock. It’s all right here.

Multimedia Madness

CameraLensWNIP 420If you wanted to mess with cameras all day you wouldn’t have gone into radio, right?

It’s not just YouTube, either. Or the website that needs a continual stream of video and audio, or the photo bombs that are going off all day, every day. Or even that the morning guys are running all over town with a microphone and a camera.

It’s that multimedia is such a huge production now, and it’s beginning to get in the way of that other major production: radio. “We’ve got cameras and streaming wares and everybody (in the studio) has something in front of them, laptops and tablets and iPads. Multimedia doesn’t even begin to describe it,” says Mike Maciejewski, who is the engineer in charge of Townsquare’s five-station cluster in Grand Rapids, Michigan, home of nationally syndicated morning show Free Beer & Hot Wings.

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Splitting Hairs and Consoles

SplitLX24 420Only in Switzerland would they think to split our flagship LX-24 control surface in two, build the two halves into slick looking furniture with LED illuminated edges, and electronically raise and lower the desk as needed. Read on.

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Sneaky Points of Failure

WheatNet IP Flowchart 420Let’s hope that your disaster recovery plans go a lot smoother than the evacuation plans we’ve seen for some cities. Here are a few sneaky single points of failure you could be overlooking.

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New Wheatstone Gear In New Zealand


MORE FM in New Zealand had  to completely rebuild their studios after a devastating earthquake. We'll have a complete story on the rebuild soon. 

In the meantime, Simon Barnett sent along this video, shot in their new studios, when our own Jay Tyler was there recently.

Here's Simon talking about their new gear.

3 Ways to Extend your IP Audio Network

WheatNetExtendYourNetwork 420Thinking about extending your IP audio network beyond the studio walls? It just so happens that the gigabit switches most stations use for our WheatNet-IP audio system are equipped with a fiber port. It’s then a simple matter of running a fiber optic cable between the GBIC port in your core or edge switch and the GBIC port in a remote switch for extending the network. For more information on this or extending the network using codec over Internet or with wireless IP radios, click here.

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Uniform Audio Across the Board

NAB SG192 350You don’t have to be into cars to know that a white door on a red car just doesn’t work. 

The same goes for all those translators and sister stations that carry the same programming across the network. You shouldn’t have to mix and match processors, and have to settle for a different sound for each.

That’s one reason why we just came out with the SG-192 stereo generator. With a high quality Wheatstone processor at your studio (may we suggest AirAura or the FM-531HD?), you can now distribute that audio to your transmitter sites and use the Wheatstone SG-192 as the final peak processor and stereo generator at each site.

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The World According to AES' Bob Moses

BobMoses420We talk with AES’ Executive Director Bob Moses about Apple’s purchase of Beats, what’s happening with High Resolution Audio (HRA), and what broadcasters need to know about AES67.

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The Virtual Studio Becomes a Reality

GlassEFullScreenOnPad 670


Whoever said that the laws of physics are merely a suggestion could be onto something.

The entirely virtual broadcast studio is not only possible, but most of the pieces are already in place.

A good majority of what stations do today – schedule music, stream it, record news updates, even turn on a mic and preload settings for it -- can be done without ever leaving the WheatNet-IP network.  

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Five Ways to Manage IP Audio Feature Creep



Unchecked feature creep is what happens when your new IP audio system turns up with a cool hydraulic stage lift that can shoot laser beams and make popcorn at the same time. Of course, that’ll never happen as long as you have a budget.

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Productive Consoles

NAB L12Our sales engineers suggest you get some production capability in your next on-air console, if only for maintenance purposes. We felt so strongly about this that we recently added EQ, filtering and processing to our E-1, a very popular console in countries where they very rarely make the distinction between on-air and production. Here is are eight other things you should consider for your next console.

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Wheatstone Takes Five Industry Awards at NAB 2014!

Five Awards!

Wheatstone introduced some exciting new products at NAB 2014, and it appears that the industry noticed! Wheatstone was presented with an unprecedented five Best of Show awards for its BLADE 3, L-12, SG-192, Dimension Three, and Series Four products.

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BLADE Runner: 1341 Days and Counting

BLADES Uptime 420bYou see this shot of a working BLADE that has run for 1341 days straight? Incredible, right? Wheatstone “Minister of Algorithms” Steve Dove thought so, too, which is why he included it as one of his slide presentations during his NAB Broadcast Engineering session Undiscovered Country: The Audio is the Easy Bit.

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AES67 and Undiscovered Country

Steve DovePredictably, Wheatstone's Minister of Algorithms, Steve Dove, didn’t go down the same beaten path of AES67 compliance as everyone else presenting at the NAB Broadcast Engineering session on audio over IP. 

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NAB 2014 Video: New Wheatstone Radio Products

New Radio Products Video

In this video, shot in our booth on the show floor at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, Wheatstone's Jay Tyler gives you a first hand view of Wheatstone's incredible new BLADE-3s and other great new gear.

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IT Tools for Your Audio Network

IT ToolsIf your idea of managing IP addresses in your audio network is to reach for the GPS, we have two words for you: network tools.

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Your Wish is Our (Software) Command

NEWSLETTER GP4S PANEL 420If you’re like most of us, your relationship with software borders on abuse. You could go down the checklist and not miss a beat. Does it make you feel inadequate? Check. Humiliate you in front of others? Check. Try to control you? Make excuses? Promise to change? Check. Check. Check.

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Super Super Bowl

SuperbowlStory420For the past five years, The Dan Patrick Show, a national radio show that broadcasts Monday through Friday on more than 350 U.S. affiliates, and as a TV show (of the radio show) on NBC Sports Network and DirecTV’s Audience Network, has taken the show on the road for Super Bowl Week.

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